Puerto Rico 2.0

Over the last few months, I think nearly everyone concerned, attached, or otherwise involved in Puerto Rico has contemplated on what the future may look like for the island.

For better or worse, Hurricane Maria eliminated the option to perpetuate the status quo.

Through the incredible generosity of ConPRmetidos, I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans and meet with local thought leaders who were instrumental in the economic, social, and structural redevelopment after Hurricane Katrina.

Similar to Puerto Rico, previous to Katrina in 2005, New Orleans was battling population decline, economic stagnation, lack of industrial diversification, and shoddy infrastructure. Fast forward 13 years, and New Orleans has a new lease on life – driven by private investment, mostly through public-private partnerships, and the promotion of forward-looking industries, including biotechnology, software, and innovative water management.

Similar initiatives for a new economy have been supported in Puerto Rico. To achieve such aims, we need private investment and action.

New Orleanians recounted that their greatest asset, though which was most difficult to achieve, was the ability to set aside differences and work toward a common goal. In Puerto Rico, the long-term recovery will not be a zero-sum game, favoring one industry at the expense of another, and as such, we at Morro Ventures are excited to invest in innovation and help the tides for all boats.

Original article: 2018-03-04-ENDI-Lanzan fondo de inversion en startups